Mirko Baselgia Rascha 2015


handwoven linen, spruce resin (Lantsch / Lenz), spruce wood

44cm x 33cm x 1.1cm


Photo by Stefan Altenburger



Canvases handmade with Swiss linen by a local weaver are stretched on a frame realized by the artist with spruce wood he found in his region. The same tree also offered him the resin he spread on the canvases in many layers after having given it a liquid consistency. A patchwork of many pieces of fabric or minimalist landscapes gently suggested by a horizontal line make up the series 'Rascha', a contemporary reflection on the traditional medium of painting. The canvas is not a mere support for an image, but it is a representation, an artwork in itself. Its materiality is highlighted and investigated with the desire to propose an alternative and personal idea of painting.

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