Mirko Baselgia Democratic Grid - Athena 2011

Democratic Grid - Athena

Olive wood, olive oil, linseed oil

77cm x 55cm x 2.2cm


Edition 3/1 AP

Photo by Stefan Altenburger


Democratic Grid - Athena

How can one build a city where each citizen has the same value in the urban space? With this question in mind Mirko Baselgia reproduced the plan of ancient Athens, which was conceived by Hippodamus of Miletus as a hortogonally planned town based upon the ideals of equality at the root of democracy. The rectangular wooden slab was realized as a single, homogenous body like Athens' plan. The material, olive wood, makes reference to the myth of the origin of the city's name. Because of the disputes between gods, Zeus decided to ask Poseidon and Athena to make each of them a gift to the city, and that the one who would make the best gift would be the patron. Athena won offering an olive tree, and the city was named after her.

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