Mirko Baselgia Transfurmaziun II 2016

Transfurmaziun II

Lithograph, Printer: Arno Hassler, Atelier de Gravure, Moutier

44cm x 33cm


Edition 3/1AP

Photo by Stefan Altenburger


Transfurmaziun II

Realized in collaboration with the printer Arno Hassler of the Atelier de Gravure in Moutier, 'Transfurmaziun' is a series of lithographs revealing the mark left by the melted wax on the lithographic stone. What we see isn't actually so much the drawing of the artist, but the one of the material itself - the pure beeswax -, which is reproduced on paper with an ink of pretty the same colour of this organic product. A fortuitous, autonomous drawing left by candles of different sizes burned down on the stone without any human intercession. Like an alchemist, the artist transformed beeswax candles into art.

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