Mirko Baselgia Structura digl gôt 2016

Structura digl gôt

Exhibition view - Prix Mobilière 2016 - Art Genève

Maple, larch, oak, walnut, stone pine, beech, spruce sawdust

330cm x 550cm


Photo by Stefan Altenburger


Structura digl gôt

Sawdust from seven trees, native to the Grisons, has been laid on the floor in a pattern of hexagons of seven different colours. The structure looks like a honeycomb or a geometrical floor design with a three-dimensional effect. After the meditative act of the artist and his assistants, who worked like Buddhist monks drawing a mandala, viewers are invited to walk on the surface of the work, with the result that it is never the same from one moment to the next. Thanks to this contribution from the public and the influence of the context of the exhibition this artwork is in constant evolution. This participative experience involves not just the eyes, but also the senses of touch, smell and hearing – just like a walk in the woods.

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