Mirko Baselgia Tü ed eu 2015

Tü ed eu

Photogravure, Printer : Arno Hassler, Atelier de Gravure, Moutier

27cm x 17cm


Edition 5/1 AP

Photo by Stefan Altenburger


Tü ed eu

When he got back from his holiday, the artist discovered eleven dead bees lined up on the window ledge of his studio. Bees have been a source of inspiration to him for some time, so he interpreted their presence as a sign that he should continue to pursue this interest. He decided to take the bees to the Atelier de Gravure in Moutier, where the printer, Arno Hassler, made him a series of heliogravures. The resulting shadows left by the dead insects on photosensitive paper create powerful portraits, contemporary vanitas, suggesting a ghostly presence.

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