Mirko Baselgia Igl tor muribund - Cornas digl tor 2015

Igl tor muribund - Cornas digl tor


Dimensions variable


Edition 11/3 AP, Nr. 2/3 AP

Photo by Stefan Altenburger


Igl tor muribund - Cornas digl tor

One day the artist went to an abattoir to witness the butchering of a young bull, Lataniel. This event made arise many questions, and preoccupations in his mind and marked him deeply. He sadly realized that the bull's death didn't represent a single moment, but extended itself in a relatively long lapse of time. During is life already, a bull experiences some symbolical deaths, the first one being generally the horn removal, which deprives him of this important defence and communication attribute. Reproducing real bull horns in alabaster, 'Igl tor muribund - Cornas digl tor' is a series of works that topicalizes both the real, present suffering of bulls and the magical, mythological meanings historically attributed to these animals, evoked by the translucent material.

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