Mirko Baselgia Endoderm (marmot burrows) 2012-2013

Endoderm (marmot burrows)

Exhibition view - Bündner Kunstmuseum Chur 2013


110cm x 880cm x 330cm

Scale 1:1


Edition 3/1 AP

Photo by Stefan Altenburger


Endoderm (marmot burrows)

What seems to be a tree brunch or the representation of a neurological structure is actually a bronze reproduction of a marmot burrow. Satisfying a childhood curiosity of the artist for these animal architectures, this work also represents a personal exploration of the underground world, and, more widely, it symbolizes the discovery of hidden mysteries, of realities that are beyond the visible. 'Endoderm' is the sculptural correspondent of 'Alice I', a video filmed inside a marmot burrow, and is the fruit of some lucky coincidences. After a two-week observation, the artist could choose, among some burrows that were about to be destroyed for the construction of a road near the Julierpass, the best one to be reproduced. Thanks to the collaboration with more than sixty people, it has been possible to create a concrete positive model of the underground tunnels, and to realize the mould for the final bronze casting.

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