Mirko Baselgia Determination  2013


Exhibition view - Bündner Kunstmuseum Chur 2013

Model for a marble sculpture, Synthetic material from 3D print

180cm x 33cm x 33cm


Photo by Stefan Altenburger



Determination is a reproduction of a 5.5 centimeters long gastropod shell that Mirko Baselgia enlarged up to 180 centimeters, his same height. He decided to realize it in marble not only because this material is traditionally closely related to sculpture, but also because it contains calcium carbonate, the main component of shells. The elaborated geometry of this spirally coiled shell fascinates the artist, and he sees in it a wonderful visual reduction of the idea of life. The shell grows together with the mollusc that lives inside, and the growth lines visible on its surface as well as its shape and structure tell us its biography. A cube of 33 centimeters on a side has been cut into the sculpted shell making a portion of its interior visible, and creating a tension between the irregularity of the organic shape and the cube's regularity.

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